I’m a real-bearded Santa living in the San Antonio, Texas area. Since 2013 I’ve worked as SeaWorld Santa. Obviously, that takes the bulk of my time from Thanksgiving through New Years Day, but I’ve also worked with a few local photographers. These are ‘mini-sessions’ when they schedule clients to come to their studio, usually in 15 or 20 minute time brackets.

Check my Booking Calendar for the times I’m booked with either SeaWorld or one of these wonderful professional photographers.

Which one is my favorite? Every grandparent knows the answer to that. They’re all my favorite, but my real favorite is the one I’m with at the moment! But seriously, each has a skillset that majors in a certain area. One may enjoy photographing pets, another loves that perfect baby picture. Or the young and in love couple, Follow their link and you will fall in love with them all. They will all be your favorite too.