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I have 3 suits you may choose from:

The usual bright red ‘Coca-Cola’ suit




The burgundy style




and a corduroy bright red suit I prefer when I book a full day of pet pictures

I limit myself to ‘Mini-sessions’ with Professional Photographers. On the Booking Calendar, you will see that SeaWorld is primary for the season. I will book a couple of days with photographers in your studio during the weekdays, or weekday evenings. Pets are welcome.


Cydy Pahls Photography
Unfortunately, there is no link for this photographer, she has moved from the area.


Brittany Brooks Photography 



Amber Busby Photography



Sadly, shots of Kringle Krebs by these excellent photographers seem to have gone to pixel heaven. My bad.

Tammie Holt Photography

Samantha Ortiz Photography

SeaWorld images

And then there is the ‘just living life’ part: