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SeaWorld San Antonio opens November 18, 2017, for the Christmas season. I’ll either be ‘in the chair’ or be performing in the Dinner Theater, “Dinner With Santa and Mrs. Claus.”

How do you like the suit? SeaWorld San Antonio says “We’re in Texas and We Own It!”

Santa welcome you to SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration!
Santa welcome you to SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration!


SeaWorld Santa gets involved in lots of things. Like the cold winter day when Santa delivered the pieces for the new Wave Breaker Roller Coaster. What a ‘big boy Lego set’!

We checked out the parts and left the experts to have it ready by summer ’17.

Click the image to check out the video:

Just because Santa is 1,777 years old doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate being surrounded by beautiful elves!